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Pre-Purchase Surveys
Condition Reports
Quinquennial Inspections

We generally undertake surveys for clients who are about to purchase an older building, in particular protected structures. A pre-purchase survey is an essential decision-making tool and can offer peace of mind, something which is particularly important with older buildings where undiagnosed defects can lead to considerable unforeseen expenses.


The SCSI Surveys of Residential Properties Guidance Note 2014 sets out three  benchmark ‘types’  of pre-purchase survey designed to suit different buildings and clients. Typically a survey will establish a building’s overall condition, the condition of individual building elements, assess the cause of defects, and make recommendations for maintenance, repairs and refurbishment works.

Condition reports are generally prepared for existing property owners, or building managers, and are particularly useful where repairs or refurbishment works are being considered. Reports can be tailored to suit the specific needs of a client as well as the complexity of the subject building, structure or complex.


A condition report provides a detailed and considered assessment of a property’s condition and that of the individual building elements. The cause and significance of defects is assessed and recommendations are made for maintenance, repairs and refurbishment works on a prioritised basis to allow for efficient budgeting and maintenance management.

We have extensive experience of inspecting churches and with a particular interest in ecclesiastical architecture, Frank has undertaken private research into the construction of churches during the 18th and 19th centuries.


Quinquennial (5 yearly) inspections are commonly sought by select vestries, and building committees, as a means of monitoring a church’s condition and identifying defects before they get out of hand.


The inspection and report provides a general review of the church’s condition, identifies problems which have developed since the last inspection and helps in prioritising repairs and maintenance work in a strategic manner taking account of available financial resources.