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Conservation Guidance

Where projects involve the repair, conversion and refurbishment of protected structures and other historic buildings, it can be sensible for building owners, managers and their professional advisors to obtain initial advice on the appropriateness of the proposed works. This can assist in resolving any conflicts before planning permission is sought.


Guidance is usually provided following inspection of the building and review of draft proposals. Feedback can take the form of a short memo or a more detailed report as appropriate. Guidance of this sort can provide clarity and can prevent raised or unrealistic expectations. Unnecessary design work can also be avoided, while delays at planning stage can be minimised or avoided altogether.

Repairs can be overseen and managed from inception to completion. Following a thorough inspection of the building and assessment of decay and defects, detailed drawings and specifications are prepared and appropriate consents, such as planning permission, or a statutory declaration, are obtained.


Attention to detail and an indepth understanding of their construction is essential when working with older buildings,  in order to avoid loss of  original fabric and character.


Where larger-scale projects are being undertaken, we can act in a consultant capacity, taking responsibility for designing and specifying individual specialist packages of work, and reporting to the project manager or lead professional advisor.

We can act as lead professionals and project managers or consultants where old buildings are being renovated and upgraded.


Careful detailing and considered planning is essential when adapting old buildings to prevent loss of character and avoid conflicts at planning stage. Upgrade works for thermal and energy efficiency need particular attention as misguided interventions can damage building fabric and proove to be counter-productive.


Where significant additions or extensions are proposed, we can work with your preferred architects or designers, to achieve the best in both the design of what is new and conservation of what is old.