Rococo Plasterwork in Dublin

Client: Dublin City Council

Commissioned to prepare a comprehensive survey of 140 interiors retaining decorative plasterwork dating from the middle of the 18th century. This involved documentary research and fieldwork survey and analysis and formed one element of a wider study of Dublin's architectural heritage as a candidate Unesco World Heritage Site.





Merrion Baths

Client: Dublin City Council

Commissioned to undertake an architectural and historical assessment of this marine swimming baths which opened in 1883. The assessment explored this historic patterns of sea-bathing in Dublin Bay as well as addressing the condition of the surviving bathing pool which has not been used since 1920.

Cottages Design & Conservation Guide

Client: Kildare County Council

Commissioned, with Sheridan Woods Architects, to prepare a guidance manual for the conversion, refurbishment, extension and conservation of agricultural labourers' cottages built from the late 19th to the mid 20th century.




College Green Architectural Appraisal

Client: Dublin City Council

Commissioned to undertake historic research and prepare an architectural appraisal of College Green, to inform proposals for remodeling the public realm of this nationally-important civic space.





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